Cory + Kenzie | Engagement

October 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

It is with sadness I must post Cory & Kenzie's engagement photos!  HA!  Well, I'm just kidding ya'll.  I'm so very happy for these two, words just can't express!!  I've never seen Kenzie more happier than she is with Cory.  I have told Kenzie for many years, God already has your husband picked out for you.  Please congratulate them on their engagement.  Cory will soon become our son-in-law, and well, we couldn't have asked for a better man to be marrying our daughter, although, I'm not to sure if the hubby will be able to hold it together on their wedding day.  But what father who gives their daughter away can hold it together?? 

I will say I am a little sad because for one thing, since I started my photography business, Kenzie has always had many photo sessions several times a year.  She's been my human prop for practicing on lighting, new techniques, new cameras, flashes, studio lighting, you name it, she's done it.  My photography has went from pretty bad, to just okay, to good, then I guess you can say I got it now. LOL  I started taking photos of her when she was just 7 or 8, all the way through school, sports, her graduation, and now engagement.  Some of the images below of just Kenzie were taken from 2010 until now, and some were even taken at the same place where I just took their engagement photos.  I will say, I WILL NOT be taking her wedding photos!!

I'm also sharing a snippit of a video that will make you SMILE! (Thanks Maddy for videoing).  I was dying!  I warned her.  'I'm going to video you', she smacked her butt (in the beginning) and said I don't care! So now you can see what Cory is going to have to deal with!  hahaha





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